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Antenna Ground Rod - Does it Help?
Amongst the many fantasies surrounding antenna theory one frequent statement heard is "My ground rod is just as good as a radial system."
CB Co-Phase Antennas (Dual Whips)
Ever wonder if tractor trailers know something you don't about CB antennas when you see them with not one, but two CB antennas? Is there an advantage to having two? Let's find out.
Copper Monopole for the vertical antenna
Specify and build monopole ham antenna for the 20 meter band.
Elecraft K2 Tips for Success
I queried the email reflector for the Elecraft K2 about tips and techniques for a successful kit build. Here is the compilation.
Field Day 802.11 Wireless Network
Once a year amateur radio operators take to the field for portable radio operations. This wireless 802.11 2.4GHz network kept the scoring computers connected.
Field Day Urban Legends
Myths and Legends that have, somehow, cropped up in vain attempts to break FCC rules just because it is Field Day.
FRS - Family Radio Service
What is the family radio service?
GMRS - General Mobile Radio Service
General Mobile Radio Service
Good ol' CB Radio
Review of what CB Radios are and if they are still useful.
Google's Adsense... Making Web Sites Possible
Google's Adsense advertising programs provide the humble web master with a terrific opportunity and encouragement to author web sites not otherwise practical.
Installing Ground Rods the Easy Way
So easy a pre-teen can do it. Presented is a method learned from other hams on how to install a ground rod with minimal or no hammering. Using a watering can, even children can sink an 8 foot ground rod into the ground. All it takes is water and time.
Magnetic Mount Antennas are Electrical Performers
Magnetic Mount Antennas get a bum wrap it seems and for poor reasons and misunderstanding on how antennas work. Here is a way to see they are not so bad afterall... at least electrically.
Midnight And Noon
Just about everyone has seen parking signs, time schedules, newsletters, etc. handle the notion of 12 o'clock noon or midnight as 12AM or 12PM. Shame shame. Here are the details on why this is incorrect.
Another choice for two-way communications.
Putting the radial plate at ground level
Sinking the antenna ground system into the ground
Schematic Circuit Design Rules
Here is a collection of rules to follow when making circuit schematics, printed circuit boards, parts lists, and assemblies.
Selecting a location for the vertical antenna
Finding a place in the yard for the antenna.
Sound Card and Digital Interface for HF Rig
Enjoying the world of digital radio and also preparing for the Virginia QSO Party has forced my hand at selecting appropriate interfacing gear between my PC and my new Icom 746. Value is key so I will start with requirements...
Specifications for Vertical Antenna
Breaking down requirements further we get to specifications of each major piece of this antenna system.
Sub-System Requirements for Vertical Antenna
Here is a very simplistic approach to turning stated requirements to useful specifications.
System Requirements for a Vertical Antenna
The quest for a 20/15/10 meter vertical antenna starting with requirements.
The decibel and antennas
Information on the dB relating to antennas.
Using a water drill to install PVC pipe in ground
Putting a pipe in the ground the easy way using water.
Vertical Antenna Materials List
Here is a list of things used in this antenna project.
Wannabees in ARES? One should be careful.
Are volunteer emergency groups revelant?


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