Putting the radial plate at ground level

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Sinking the antenna ground system into the ground

Cutting square notch in dirt Square notch around pipe in dirt Pour sand in square hole Place plastic on sand Radial ground plate on plastic on sand in hole

One of the requirements is to keep the whole ground system at ground level or lower. Putting the ground wires at ground level is easy enough, but ensuring they stay that way when approaching the central ground plate suggests the ground plate must also be at or below ground level. These are the steps to install the DX Engineering ground plate to fulfill this requirement.

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Install the DX Engineering Radial plate onto the pipe with the proper V bolt hardware, but do not tighten. All we are doing here is using the plate to see where the dirt must be removed. So go ahead and put the plate down and mark the edge with a shovel...

Cut a notch around the square radial plate with shovel

Then use your shovel to excavate one or two inches of dirt...

Removing dirt... Pipe without dirt...

You could stop here and install the ground plate. However, I don't want to deal with the weeds that would certainly grow up through every possible hole. So I performed two more steps before final mounting of the radial plate: Sand and plastic.

I acquired some sand from a sandbox which had plenty to spare and poured it in the hole.

Pouring sand in antenna ground plate hole. Sand poured in antenna ground plate hole.

I decided to put a layer of plastic over the sand to finalize, at least for a while, the anti-weed scheme. This is a simple black garbage bag with a small slit for the pipe through both layers. Trim to slightly larger than the hole.

Place a trash bag in hole. Trimming the black bag to slightly larger than the hole.

One uncertainty is what will happen to this plastic over time with the daily UV radiation from the sun. It is easy enough to replace, even after the radial wires are installed, when that time comes.

Now it is time to install the DX Engineering ground plate. Don't forget to use some anti-seize compound on the threads of your stainless steel hardware or you may have difficulty removing the nuts later. Also don't over do this remembering the pipe is just a PVC plastic thing, not metal. The U-Bolt nuts need to be only snug enough to keep the plate suspended off the ground and no more.

Apply Anti-Seize compound on all nuts to prevent galling. Tighten just enough to hold the plate suspended above the ground while not crushing the PVC pipe.

Finished pipe with plate and anti-weed treatment...

Finished pipe and plate over sand in the hole
The black plastic will be tidied up after the radials are installed.


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