Copper Monopole for the vertical antenna

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Specify and build monopole ham antenna for the 20 meter band.

The first band to test will be 20 meters.

Copper plumbing from any local hardware store is the building material for this antenna. Copper pipe comes in several types:

Some copper pipes available from local hardware and home stores.

  • Type M copper pipe is thin-walled
  • Type L copper pipe is medium-walled
  • Type K copper pipe is thick-walled.

My local home store has the M and L. I choose the thicker L for a little more strength.

Taking tips from KL7JR I opted to use five foot lengths for the several band combinations. Lengths include:

Band Length
20 meters 197 inches
15 meters 140 inches
10 meters 100 inches

The 20 meter example will look something like...

20 meter vertical composed of lengths of copper pipe 5 feet in length or less.


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