I am experimenting once again with using a computer, its sound card and MixW to perform some RTTY, PSK and other digital modes. Somewhere I have a transformer isolated homebrew adapter made up, but have been examining what new possibilities are offered by my new Icom IC-746.

So I am in the usual evaluation of buy vs. build an adapter. I like to build my adapters, but realize the commercial offerings range from almost too cheap to very expensive.

I stumbled across a news article about a new cool looking boat preparing to beat an around the world boat speed record.

The Article is here.

It speaks of using human body fat as a bio fuel which is carbon neutral. Hmmm, fine, but the claim the craft itself is carbon neutral fails to recognize the likely non-renewable energy sources utilized in building the boat and harvesting the fat.

Unless they built the boat in a carbon neutral way (plausible, but doubtful) it will never be truly carbon neutral.