08 July 2007 · Topic: BPL

One example of BPL emissions in this report.

Here is a report from NTIA to the FCC of some very interesting modeling and real measurements.

It illustrates the many ways BPL signals can move about and certainly suggests BPL over medium voltage power lines are not the way to go.

07 July 2007 · Topic: BPL

Near and Far Field Attenuation for electrically small antenna.

The above graphic is from this article about the near field affects.

Far Field RF Link Budgets all have one thing in common. They assume a signal weakens as the square of distance. Double the distance and you loose 6dB. This makes sense when you consider the intensity of radiated electro-magnetic fields drops as the square of distance. 3dB is half the power and 6dB is half again or 1/4 the power or 6dB.