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Whoa there!!!

I know… I know what you might be thinking. What is a post like this doing in an engineering blog. Engineers are often musicians and writers. Not necessarily great ones mind you, but sometimes when you watch your family during the holidays, words just pop into your head.

Here is a retread of the 400+ year old hymn (We Wish You a Merry Christmas) out for Christmas 2014.

We Wish You a White Trash Christmas

We wish you a white trash Christmas,
We wish you a white trash Christmas,
We wish you a white trash Christmas,
And a tasty cold beer.

What follows is a letter of praise sent to the staff at LR Baggs.


After producing a Christmas music/drama variety show at our Church last Sunday I feel compelled to share my experiences with LR Baggs vs. other solutions that arrived during sound check. As many of you likely understand, sound check for a slew of different music groups is a nightmare at worst and challenging at best. Without going into too many details, sound check is a time for the house system to wring out its gear and mentally prepare for the segue between groups. This is not the time to debug the internal electronics for the performers’ acoustic guitars. Right?