Kenwood FM 2 Meter and 70cm Mobile Transceiver with AM Air Band Receive

I have had this radio for about two years now. It really is very nice. I immediately purchased the display remote cables and have the display attached to my center drink holder with Velcro.

I am told my transmit audio quality is much louder and better than the the scrap I was using previously.

I use a cig lighter power source and sometimes have problems using full power with the engine off. A direct power cable would help with this, but this radio must move around from vehicle to vehicle.

Lately I have been having some issues with the remote display. It frequently goes blank and stops responding. A few seconds later it appears to re-boot and then functions normally. All the while the radio operates just fine.

Upon describing this to fellow hams, many quickly respond “ahh, you must have a Kenwood.”

Oh well, the radio seems to work fine otherwise. Perhaps replacing the remote head would fix the issue.

Have any of you had a similar issue with the Kenwood G707 Amateur Radio 2M/70cm transceiver?

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