Gap Titan

Here is a good example of a comparison between the Gap Titan antenna and a simple mono-band dipole. While this is yet another A/B test, the author does follow reasonable engineering practices.

The findings support:

  • GAP Titan is a compromise between performance and convenience
  • Mono-poles can outperform the Gap Titan in certain circumstances
  • GAP Titan can be plenty “good enough” for many situations

It is important to ensure amateur radio operators understand antennas are compromises between cost, effectiveness, convenience, etc. (Notice SWR is not on this list) There is no free lunch here. The GAP Titan is a very convenient package with good enough performance in a ham world where a wire tossed in a tree with an antenna matcher also provides good enough performance.

As with any coax fed antenna, you would be very wise to put a string of RF Ferrite beads near the antenna end of your coax to reduce feed-line currents coming back to your ham shack.

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