In the past few months I have been testing antennas and antenna ground systems for a series of articles on the main part of this web site…

One piece of equipment which proved absolutely essential is the antenna analyzer from MFJ Enterprises. I have the older cousin of the MFJ-259B pictured here…


This newer model measures complex antenna impedance in the LCD display as well as the SWR and summed impedance. The complex impedance is something I very much wish my meter had for all this summer’s experiments. This unit is perfect for:

  • Tuning up a 2M J-Pole,
  • Figuring out how your vertical radials affect your antenna system impedance,
  • Trimming any coax fed dipole to resonance,
  • Checking out ladder fed antennas using the MFJ-917 Balun accessory,
  • UHF antennas too with the MFJ-269 Antenna Analyzer (this one is on my Christmas list)

If you can live without the analog meters and just want the info provided on the LCD display? Get the MFJ-249B.

MFJ makes a lot of not quite finished products and my meter was no exception. It developed a problem with the 2M frequency range I eventually traced to the electronics touching the rear of the case. I finally placed a piece of cardboard between the electronics and the case solving the problem. The battery case split open too so I taped it back together somehow. Like every MFJ product I have purchased, there is always something not quite finished; The are like almost finished kits.

All that said, the MFJ Antenna Analyzers are good designs at good prices and, so far, nicely fill a performance/price point in amateur radio test gear.

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