In the last few weeks the spam has brought in links to this web site claiming they can improve the efficiency of your car by “unlocking” the energy stored in water.

Water 4 Gas? OK I’ll bite.

Mind you if this were several years ago I would not even bother, but the gas prices warrant a look at all possible options.

This “Water 4 Gas” site contains videos of an electrolysis device which takes current from your car or truck’s electrical system, directs the mixture of hydrogen and oxygen gas to your engine air intake and, presto, free energy in the form of improved mileage.

Despite the informative videos and honest description there is just one thing wrong…

H2O + Energy(electrolysis) => H2 + O2 => H2O + Energy(burn)

The Water 4 Gas folks seem to think the following is true…

H2O + Energy(electrolysis) => H2 + O2 => H2O + Energy(burn) + more free energy

It is doubtful they have found a way to burn the hydrogen and oxygen to yield more energy than it took from the alternator (which in turn takes from the engine) to separate it into hydrogen and oxygen.

Another thing to note is while the electrolysis jar bubbles impressively in the nice video, the amount of gas it generates is, but a puff to the enormous quantities of air flow through an internal combustion engine such as a car’s.

So why do all the testimonials praise the extra mileage they get with this thing? Don’t know.

Here is a site that pretty much suggests this is a scam by criminals or foolishness by those who just don’t understand chemistry…

This site also shows why fooling around with additives to make the water electrolysis process more efficient actually simply changes the chemical reaction from that of generating Oxygen and Hydrogen to Chlorine, Hydrogen plus other compounds… Yes that’s right, doing this half baked can generate poison gas and…


What do you think?

Remember, if this true you would not need to spread the word via email spam… hmmm.

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  1. I also have the plans that turn a car into a partial Hydrogen burner. The interesting thing is, is that included, is a way to utilize the device to purify water. It is pretty cool. It uses pure H2O and a bit of baking soda. I made several electrolyzers and will put them into my car ASAP. we will keep spreadint the word. good job. 🙂

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