I have been purchasing some used ham radio equipment from Ebay and decided to see what the Kenwood TS-2000 transceivers are going for on the used market. I discovered they are holding their value quite well… a bit too well actually.

This particular unit, listed here on Ebay, included one TS-2000 and a software license for a remote control program valued around $128. The sale price was $1,501. The same day of the auction I could purchase a brand new TS-2000 for $1,614 plus the control software of $128 for a total of $1,742.00.

The auction price went for about 86% of the new value differing only in some use and the warranty. I think the value of a warranty is worth about 20%, but clearly some folks get auction “fever” and push the value up to, I think, inflated values.

Another TS-2000 went for actually more than brand new price… lunacy.

Something is worth what someone is able to pay for an item so I guess this Kenwood really does hold its value.

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